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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  November 29, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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san leandro. chopper 5 is overhead with the latest from the scene. >> good morning, it's thursday, november 29. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. time now 6:00. we are following developing news in palo alto. officers are trying to figure out how a man broke into a woman's apparently this mon. anne makovec is on scene. -- how a man broke in a woman's apartment this morning. anne makovec is on the scene with more. >> reporter: a woman woke up in her ground floor apartment behind me saw a man, screamed and then he ran away. police are here trying to find out what happened. this is north of downtown palo alto and high and hawthorne. this happened at 2:20 a.m. they blocked off the neighborhood and sent in dogs to search for the guy, no luck so they opened the streets back up. and they are interviewing that woman right now. >> at this point in time, she
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is safe and unharmed. she is with detectives and they are conducting interviews and the investigation is ongoing at this point. >> reporter: she is extremely shaken up. we are still waiting to figure out how he got into the apartment and whether or not he may have taken anything. we'll hear more from police later on this morning. but that's what we have for now. live at the scene in palo alto, anne makovec, cbs 5. >> thank you. firefighters in south san jose this morning put a one- alarm fire at a house -- put out a one-alarm fire at a house that may have had an illegal pot growing facility. the fire on almaden expressway and camden avenue was called in around 2:00 and put out around 3:00 a.m. there are unconfirmed reports that the home houses a legal marijuana growing operation. a police spokesman has yet to return our calls. well, the second storm is taking its time but when it comes it will be a slow moving
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soaker. >> we have live team coverage with cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran in daly city. but first let's get to meteorologist lawrence karnow in the weather center with when that rain will start. >> this is a slow-moving storm and we'll see heavy rainfall with subtropical moisture. hi-def doppler right now is showing you scattered showers so heavy rain won't be here until latter part of the day and overnight tonight. we are seeing scattered light showers in the north bay now so if you are heading there, expect pop-up showers and nuisance rainfall changing into the afternoon hours. the storm door is open. this next storm system just developing setting itself up. a lot of clouds out ahead of the front of this one so far and that's touching off light showers. latest computer models this gets interesting is we are going to see a few more showers beginning to sag further south. but rain picks up in the afternoon in the north bay. this is the latest computer model run a little faster with movement to begin with but by
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the afternoon, things begin to pick up here. but then overnight this is a very slow mover and that's why we're concerned. it takes almost the entire night before it begins to sag down through the rest of the bay area so we're talking maybe 6" of rainfall across parts of the north bay. looks like major rivers will stay in their banks but possibly creek and stream flooding. back to you. >> thank you. it was the north bay hit the hardest by the first round of that stormy weather yesterday. they saw as much as 2 inches of rain in parts of marin county. a lot of high winds kept pg&e crews busy restoring service and fixing downed power lines and on the peninsula saratoga and pacifica were hit hard by power outages and in the east bay, people are still getting sandbags ready for more rain. >> we have the station here that's available 24 hours a day 7 days a week which is new for the city. >> of course sfo had the usual problems that come with stormy weather. there were delays up to three hours and dozens of incoming,
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outgoing flights were canceled. so far this morning, though, no major delays over at sfo. good news there. up in the high country though, they got a mix of rain and snow yesterday when the next two storms are gone by the weekend, ski resorts at lake level and above could have several new feet of snowmaking the skiers and the borders mighty happy. >> this weather puts our aging infrastructure to the test. cate caugiran reports in daly city in a neighborhood that was hit by a river of mud from a broken pipe. >> reporter: daly city and that recent incident is just one example of how cities don't have the money or the funding to keep up their systems or replace their older systems. there will be more catastrophes bay area-wide. poor pipeline welds and lack of inspections by pg&e caused the deadly explosion and
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incineration of a san bruno neighborhood two years ago. the american society of civil engineers says putting off work or putting off maintenance work is not an option. but cities say the money to do the work is not there and we're told that there could be more aging pipes around the bay area. engineers did not look favorably on the infrastructure. the grade they gave is urban stormwater was a d. the bay area needs to spend $3 billion a year to keep up. lawmakers say raising taxes is controversial but the best option at this point. in berkeley they just voted to pay higher property taxes to fix intrastructure. and now engineers are saying it could be a cautionary tale but it's best to pay now rather than pay for it 10 years down the road. live in daly city, cate
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caugiran, cbs 5. remember, you can get live hi-def doppler radar for your neighborhood anytime and also find information on sandbag locations on our let's kick it over to traffic now. we have a situation i guess down in san leandro. >> a truck hit cars in a car lot so damage to the cars in the lots. obviously a lot of flashing lights as well over head. we have chopper 5 zooming in. so you are looking live now at the intersection of east 14th and 162nd avenue. this is right there by the united auto center. again that truck just slammed into the cars. no injuries. the truck may have diesel fuel in it. you can see some cars were able to get by. only blocking maybe a lane or two on east 14th. live look at the bay bridge.
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metering lights were turned on around 6:00 so stacking up in the fastrak and cash lanes jamming up towards the 880 overcrossing. back to you guys. >> thank you. investigators hope witnesses will come forward with tips as they try to solve the murders of 2 teenaged girls in east oakland. 16-year-old bobbie sartain of oakland and 15-year-old raquel gerstel of san leandro were shot several times early sunday morning as they walked along minna near brookdale part. sartain's mother says her daughter told her earlier that they were having a sleepover at gerstel's home. the two girls had been good friends for about eight years. a man involved in a notorious chowchilla kidnapping is denied parole for the 13th time. fred woods got the news in a san luis obispo courtroom yesterday. in 1976, he and two other men hijacked a school bus in
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chowchilla and held the driver and 26 students in a moving van buried in a quarry. the kidnappers fell asleep and the hostages escaped. another kidnapper richard schoenfeld was released on parole back in june. his brother james is still in custody. the united nations general assembly is expected to vote today on whether to give nonmember observer status to palestine. palestinians say they need u.n. recognition of a palestinian state in the west bank in order to get israel back to the negotiation table. meanwhile the u.s. insists direct negotiations with israel. >> path to a two-state solution is through jerusalem and ramallah, not new york. >> israel's prime minister says u.n. recognition of an independent palestinian state would not advance the palestinians' quest for a homeland. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says palestinians first need to recognize israel as the jewish homeland, declare an end to their conflict and
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agree to security procedures that protect israel. more talks are in the works on capitol hill in hopes of preventing the u.s. from falling off the "fiscal cliff." treasury secretary tim geithner and a white house aide plan to visit with the four house and senate leaders. they hope to find common ground on how to avert a series of tax increases and spending cuts scheduled to begin in january. president obama will have lunch with mitt romney today the first time they meet face to face since their debate before the election. the event at the white house will be private. no aides will be present. no media will be allowed. powerball ticketholders are checking their numbers twice today. >> yeah. good luck. the record-breaking jackpot $588 million. the numbers drawn last night just in case 5, 16, 22, 23, 29 and the powerball number was 6. two winning tickets sold in arizona and missouri. californians may be able to
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cash in though on powerball prices next year. it's not in our state but lottery officials are meeting this morning up in sacramento trying to hammer out details that would allow the golden state to join the 42 other states in the powerball drawing. california state officials say by adding powerball sales would add an additional 90 to $120 million in revenue. it cost $2 to play the game and the jackpot goes up as you can see -- >> you have friends where? >> back in new england and new hampshire i had a buddy buy 10 for me $20, i won $3. i'm a winner. [ laughter ] 6:10. it's a cheap way to travel in style. >> it's all about us trying to make bus travel sexy again. >> a new express bus expand to the bay area. where you can travel for a dollar. >> and "sports illustrated" called them underdogs. but the record speaks for itself. why this bay area football team is getting national attention when we come back.
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able to get from the bay aro los angeles.. for less thane price of a pack of gum. you will soon be able to get from the bay area to los angeles for less than the price of a pack of gum. a new express bus service is rolling into the bay area. it's called megabus. all tickets will be a dollar at first. otherwise, most seats range from $5 to $9. not too bad. the double-decker buses will run to and from san jose, oakland, san francisco, sacramento, l.a. and reno. >> it's all about us trying to make bus travel sexy again. >> we can't all be flying first class. >> the service starts december 12. elizabeth, bus travel is a little sexy, isn't it? >> that's the quote of the
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morning. sexy bus travel. all right. thanks. let's go outside show you breaking news over san leandro. it's been a busy morning in this area because a truck hit several parked cars. you can see them, they're right there at the united auto center. this is a car lot. this is decent damage to at least looks like three or four of those cars. no injuries. that is the good news. right now they are just in clean-up middle of downtown. there was some concern that the truck that hit the cars was leaking diesel fuel and you can see the truck there. you can see fire crews tow crews. fortunately, lanes are still open on east 14th. this is east 14th and 162nd avenue in san leandro. so it's not causing much of a delay and, of course, it's so early that traffic is still very light. we have better news now up in napa county. we were following this traffic alert since about 3:30 this morning. they had an northbound lane of highway 121 blocked at highway 128. well, this was an injury crash. the traffic alert is now canceled. and if you are traveling in san francisco, what does remain shut down is the great highway after yesterday's storm. from lincoln to sloat boulevard, they often have to
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do sand removal across that stretch so this morning it remains closed. elsewhere, here's a live look at the nimitz. northbound traffic still looks great up towards downtown. no delay southbound and golden gate bridge is flowing nicely. and it is nice and dry for now. with more on the weather, let's go over to lawrence get the latest on the forecast. >> i think that's all going to change. we are kind of catching a break now before storm 2 moves in and when it do, it is going to bring with it some very heavy rainfall, a slow-moving storm system and that's really the significant factor with this storm system coming on through. right now, hi-def doppler checking out some raindrops, most of those so far located in the north bay and just some lighter showers showing up right now along 101 there. just scattered light showers throughout the morning hours. the main focus is north of the golden gate bridge. but that's going to change toward the afternoon. that's going to shift further south. so cloudy start to the day a few showers in the north bay, off and on again rain especially toward the
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afternoon. it will be breezy all day long. and then storm number 2 really beginning to set up getting ready for tonight. it's going to be a stormy night around the bay area. so the storm door wide open, the jet stream well to the south now. seeing some warm frontal clouds across the bay area now touching off some of the showers but it will be some time before the storm moves in. it's going it be stay very wet after the system moves by. a few clouds out there a few scattered light showers, then late in the day into tonight that storm sags south through the bay area ever so slowly. it's going to take all night to get through so we'll see tremendously amounts of rainfall through tomorrow morning and then that turns to shower. more showers off and on again on saturday and then another storm moves in late night sunday into monday morning. rainfall totals will be impressive. we are watching the possibility of localized flooding up to 6" of rain in the north bay and also into the santa cruz mountains. i think a lot of snow in the sierra nevada. the latest forecast only has one to three feet. i think we could easily see two to five feet. watch out, gusty winds at 65 miles per hour. 60s for highs around the bay area today, get prepared.
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we have a big storm headed our way. then it tapers off to showers on saturday. more storms rolling in on sunday. that's the latest, guys. back to you. >> thank you. they have a rich athletic history dating back over 100 years but this may be their best team ever. >> a south bay high school that you may have never heard of but they have everyone listening in a big way now. give it up for csd's big high school football team, this week's "cool school"! >> reporter: 19 proud players, the fremont eagles, not a one over 200 pounds but these men are national champions. and every one of them is deaf. >> i tell people that deaf people can read, write, do anything, can communicate. the only thing they can't do is hear. >> reporter: the california school for the deaf is coming off its best season ever, ten winners in all but two games against teams that can hear. >> no, there's no disadvantage, to be honest. the advantage is that we have experience with football, we
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train hard. there's no disadvantage in football really. >> they know that they are supposed to look at this corner, this is passing. >> reporter: coach keller communicates plays in three different ways, a card system, wristbands, and, of course, hand signals. the game may be silent, but these young men get the message loud and clear. >> i don't need to use any hearing during the game because we're very visual. we see things. we can see signals. i can see where the ball is. and i just can't hear the whistle is the only real issue. >> we are the national -- >> reporter: "deaf digest sports" crowned eagles national champs among deaf high schools and more accolades are pouring in. >> i have had to prove them wrong that i can play. i'm just deaf. >> reporter: "sports illustrated" nominated csd one of the top underdog school stories in the country. the 6-minute video has gone viral all thanks to 19 kids that were not going to let anything stand in their way.
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california school for the deaf, this week's -- >> "cool school"! it's such a great story and so inspiring. i spent three hours down there and i learned a lot just about signing and they sign so quickly and it's -- it is amazing. >> they're right. they don't really need their hearing for the game. >> it's all just in the game and being alert. sometimes they can't hear the whistle but it doesn't matter they won 10 out of 12 games. they are eight seniors on the team and a number will play college ball. a tip to the volleyball team also national champions and a big thanks to emily and laura the two interpreters in the story. they were helping me figure out exactly what they were saying but great kids. awesome program. >> what's cool about your school? submit your nomination for a "cool school" at our website, and we may just come out and feature school on the big show. >> reporter: 19 proud
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ha akes his pick for sunday's game in st. louis plus: ejected! what sparked this brawl o urt in boston. 6:21. the quarterback call harbaugh makes his pick for sunday's big game at st. louis. >> plus, ejected! what sparked this brawl on the basketball court in boston. >> and we are waiting for heavy rainfall here, lots of snow in the sierra nevada. let's check out the snow report: be careful traveling in the high country the next few days, a major storm rolling in. squaw valley one to three inches, several more feet are on the way. ,,,,
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jim harbaugh has named his starting quarterback. "colin kaepernick will be or
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plan to start colin, and pra rt this week alex smith will be on the sidelines again this weekend. jim harbaugh named his starting quarterback. >> colin kaepernick will be our player to start colin and prepare him to make that start this week against the rams. i feel sometimes like i stand up here and talk to you and i can read your eyes thinking maybe you think i'm holding back i'm not giving you something that's not there. >> he is 2-0. the 9ers are at st. louis on sunday by the way. there are likely to be some fines after a fight during last night's game between the brooklyn nets and boston celtics. brooklyn's kris humphries fouled boston's kevin garnett then rondo shoved humphries. three players were ejected including rondo whose streak of 37 straight games with 10 or more assists came to an end. brooklyn won by 12. >> someone is going to be paying a couple of bucks for that. play of the day from college basketball. wisconsin's ben brass with a blind backwards look at this
6:26 am
falling down just chucks it up and what do you know it goes right in the hoop as he goes down. great shot. but virginia beat the badgers 60-54. but what's a game when you can be the play of the day? >> no kidding. 6:26. powerball right here in california when you might be able to play. >> plus another disaster waiting to happen. what this next round of rain means for daly city. right now police are searching for an intruder after a woman wakes up to find a man in her apartment. the latest next. ,,
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♪ secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it.
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it was pouring down rain. >> the first wave packed a punch but the worst of the
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storm is still to come. >> the slow moving storm system is the concern. >> marin county typically gets hit the hardest during one of these storms. >> two thieves with guns and hammers hit a bay area jewelry store. >> i was just waiting for him to shoot me. >> these girls did not deserve to be like this gunned down in the street. >> a family searches for answer after two best friends are shot to death in oakland. >> the girls' family say finding the killers could be their own chance for closure. >> guantanomo is a real stain on our country's image abroad. >> a possible plan to bring guantanomo bay prisoners to the mainland. >> it's just uncomfortable. and i think it's unfair to americans. >> talks are heating up between the white house and congress. >> both have earned it, both deserve it. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "eyewitness news this morning." ♪ [ music ] >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald
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good morning, everyone. it's thursday, november 29. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 6:31 now. a manhunt under way for a suspect who broke in a palo alto apartment. >> police are interviewing the woman who lived there. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec is on the scene where officers are trying to get a better description of this suspect. anne. >> reporter: they have been looking for him for several hours. this guy is still on the loose. they have been collecting evidence inside the ground floor apartment where the woman lives on high and hawthorne very close to downtown palo alto. police say around 2:20 a.m. a woman called who said she woke up in her bed saw a man in her apartment, screamed and he ran away. she is okay. obviously, shaken up, though. when police got the report, they blocked off the neighborhood and sent in dogs to try to get a trail on this guy but they had no luck. so they reopened the streets.
6:32 am
they have been walking around this area for several blocks trying to see if they can find anybody hanging around, anybody who looks suspicious. as you mentioned they are interviewing the woman right now. we don't know how he got into the apartment. we're waiting for a lot more information from police and that's going to come a little later on this morning. but again, this guy is on the loose and they don't have any description that they can give us. live in palo alto, anne makovec, cbs 5. >> thank you. san jose firefighters this morning put out a garage fire in almaden valley at a house that may have housed a legal marijuana grow facility. a dispatcher told cbs 5 that the fire on menlo drive was first called in about 2 a.m. it was completely out in a little more than an hour. the sjpd hasn't called us back regarding unconfirmed reports about a grow operation. round one is done but the strongest of the storms is yet to come. brace yourselves. enjoy the brief break because a lot of heavy rain is on its way. sitting outside there in the pacific we have live team
6:33 am
coverage with cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran. she is down at daly city. but first let's go to our meteorologist, lawrence karnow is in the weather center with when we can expect round 2. >> not going to be long. this is going to be a very slow- moving storm system. so that's the concern with this one. it's going to drop a tremendous amount of rain overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. right now, high-def doppler radar fairly quiet. we have seen some scattered light showers. the main focus has been in the north bay where we're seeing scattered light showers along 101 there. so if you are traveling in that direction, yeah, be prepared. you may see some wet roads, but not a whole lot of rain just yet. that's going to change though as we head toward the latter part of the day. cold front still lingering in northern california and it's a slow mover so it will take all day to get down here. once it does, that rain will pick up and become heavy at times. futurecast showing you clouds outside now. scattered light showers. then toward the afternoon, look at the focus of the rain. it is slowing it down a bit in the north bay. we are going to see tremendous amounts of rain here, maybe as much as 6" of rain.
6:34 am
could see some localized flooding along some of the creeks and smaller streams. i think the major rivers will stay within their banks, like the napa and russian but we have to keep our eyes on that. overnight the system moves through the bay area. tomorrow morning a washout, a nasty morning for commute. and lots of rain coming our way and more throughout the weekend. we'll have more on that coming up in just a few minutes. back to you. >> here its comes. okay, lawrence. the north bay took the brunt of the first round of the storms yesterday with as much as 2" of rain in parts of marin county. pg&e crews were very busy restoring electric service after high winds blew down a number of power lines. pacifica had 7 outages that left 1200 homes and businesses without power for part of yesterday. >> we are the first guys to get the wind off the ocean. so usually it's more gusty than over the hill or even in san francisco. we're like the front line as far as that's concerned. >> sfo by the way is operating normally this morning but it
6:35 am
has the usual problems that come with that stormy weather yesterday, long delays, dozens of cancelled flights, as well. all this stormy weather is causing concerns about the aging infrastructure in the bay area. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is in daly city, where the pipe that flooded a neighborhood is still broken. cate. >> reporter: well, michelle, i know at this point the city has actually spent about half a million dollars trying to restore the soil and vegetation in the area not to mention get it ready for more storms using these bales of hay right here. we are also told by city leaders there still could be more broken pipes in the area but the reality is, there just isn't the money to fix all of this. now, as we've seen in the past, aging pipes and storm drains pushed past their limits sometimes caused by relentless storms have also caused devastating damage and deadly accidents. the american society of civil engineers says putting off maintenance work is not an option. it's a cautionary tale for the bay area: pay for the work now
6:36 am
or pay up to 10 times more later. engineers grade the bay area's roads, urban stormwater and flood control a desperately low "d." they say the bay area needs to spend nearly three billion dollars a year to maintain the infrastructure. >> pipelines that were designed to be in the ground for 30 years are now in the ground for 100 years. we are expecting the materials that were supposed to last 30 years to last 100 to 120 years because we're not replacing these systems. >> two weeks ago this neighborhood was covered in mud after an aging pipe cracked. this is just another example of how cities just don't have the money to keep up and maintain their systems even replace old ones. now, as far as funding is concerned, jerry hill says raising gas taxes is the best and long term option.
6:37 am
live in daly city, cate caugiran, back to you. get live high-def doppler radar for your neighborhood anytime and find information on sandbag locations on our website, 6:37. it was easy breezy but getting a little bit crazy i guess in the traffic department. right, liz? >> it's a little busy in oakland. it's because of this. >> a patrol car pulled up behind this accident and as chopper zooms out we are starting to see delays in the northbound lanes. it's jammed up already this morning. just takes one stalled big rig blocking a lane and look what it's doing to the morning drive. looks like it's stacked up solidly almost to the oakland coliseum. so you're looking at least a 10- minute delay and growing. right now according to our live drive time sensors the drive is 22 minutes between 238 and the maze. so it's probably even a little longer than that.
6:38 am
elsewhere, let's go out towards the south bay. 101 near the trimble exit, brake lights northbound towards santa clara, metering lights turned on just before 6:00 on the bay bridge. now we have delays in all lanes and it's pushing close to the foot of the maze so about 15 minutes to get you on the bay bridge. let's get a quick look -- or here's a look at the san mateo bridge where things are flowing micely this morning, much better than yesterday during that wet morning commute. and let's go out now to the nimitz 880 in oakland. we saw the stalled-out big rig. this is our camera close to the oakland coliseum and you can see the brake lights already in the northbound lanes close it high street. once again drive time 22 minutes between 238 and the may see. we'll continue to keep you updated. back to you guys. >> thank you. 6:39 now. police say they need some help as they try to solve the shooting deaths of two teenage girls in east oakland. 16-year-old bobbie sartain of oakland and 15-year-old raquel gerstel of san leandro were
6:39 am
shot several times early sunday morning along minna avenue. sartain's mother said her daughter told her earlier she was having a sleepover at raquel's home. >> i wonder why she lied to me? i wonder how it got so out of control that they had to shoot my daughter and her friend. that's not going to do any good now, not going to bring them back. so if you have children out there be straight, know where they're at. >> a gerstel family friend told cbs 5 some people who live near the shooting scene did try to comfort the dying teens until emergency crews arrived. the two girls had been good friends for about eight years. and family friends want to make sure a missing at-risk teen from oakland is safe. officers say cheyenne white suffers from severe autism. the 16-year-old has the mental capacity of a 9-year-old. she walked away from a youth center on tuesday night. if you see her call police. a suspect in sacramento county is now in custody after
6:40 am
a deadly shooting that led to a long standoff. investigators say it started yesterday when a gunman killed an animal control officer around wounded a bank representative. they were at a foreclosed home in galt deal with several dogs and cats leavitt inside the home. early this morning, officers were finally able to subdue the suspect after he went downstairs to retrieve one of his dogs. the suspect is now being treated at a hospital. they were in and out in a flash. two robbers hit a bay area jewelry store. it happened in los gatos at blacy's fine jewelers tuesday afternoon. the men wore masks, had semi- automatic pistols and went for the safe also used a sledgehammer to smash display cases. one customer refused the robber's orders to get down to keep her baby safe. >> protecting her child. the mother with the newborn, she was protecting the child because the glass was flying.
6:41 am
>> the robbers dropped some of their loot as they ran out. they took off in a stolen car and that was found in a parking lot just a few blocks away. a powerball dream came through. two tickets picked all the right numbers in the biggest jackpot ever. they will split $588 million. two winning tickets sold in arizona and missouri. the jackpot triggered a ticket buying spree all over the country but not right here in california. but that may change after this morning's lottery commission meeting. they are hammering out details that would allow the golden state to join 42 states in the powerball lottery. state officials believe adding powerball sales will add an additional 90 to $120 million in revenue. and today we have a new millionaire in the east bay.
6:42 am
2. a $14million super lotto plus jackpot was won by a woman whose brother bought the ticket in the ocean supermarket in milpitas. she plan to use the cash for family and donating to her temple so congratulations to her. time now 6:42. lindsay lohan in trouble with the law again. what the actress was arrested for this time. >> plus, a zebra chases a pony. the strange sight caught on camera in new york. >> the market opened about 10 minutes ago. let's check the early numbers. so far looking good. coming up, we'll get an update from kcbs moneywatch reporter jason brooks. "madagascar 3" this really a ,,,,,,
6:43 am
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this really is a zebra and y trying to make a break for . the unlikely duo were nope, this is not a rye make of madagascar 3 but the
6:46 am
plot is similar. this is really a zebra and pony making a break for it. the unlikely duo was spotted running around staten island. razzie the zebra, casper the pony, by the way they're best buddies, they escaped from a petting zoo owner who left a gate open after feeding them. works for dogs, not for them. they dodged people and cars. they finally captured them. they wanted to check out manhattan! >> that's funny. >> love that sound. >> here little zebra! >> they wanted a stroll. >> they got to do it for a while. until the lassos showed up. party's over! guys, we have big changes coming up. today we are catching a break from the real stormy weather outside. but a lot of cloud out there now. still some scattered showers at this hour, hi-def doppler picking up on some of that right now. the main focus has really been north of the golden gate bridge. more showers throughout the day
6:47 am
today and by the afternoon they will be heading a little bit further to the south. so let's get ready this next storm system looks to be a real soaker. today a lot of clouds to start, showers in the north bay. we'll see some off and on again rain as we head especially toward the afternoon breezy conditions all day long. and then here comes storm 2 by tonight. and it's going to be a big-time soaker as it moves in. it's a very slow-moving storm. this is a lot different than yesterday. so because it's moving so slowly, it has plenty of time to drop a lot of rainfall in the bay area. so once this system moves onshore it's going to be staying wet through tonight and into tomorrow morning. and then wet right on in through the weekend. let's see if we can time this out. futurecast model shows clouds and showers and then in the afternoon you will notice rain picking up in the north bay and the cold front really stalling out in the north bay, as well. so here's where we can expect to see some heavy rainfall. then slowly sagging south overnight. so very messy commute early on tomorrow morning. and then it begins to move out of town finally. but more showers right behind that. then another wave of moisture
6:48 am
moves in saturday. then another storm moves in on saturday night and into sunday. plenty of rain to to to come. 6" in the north bay. rivers will not overflow i don't think but creeks and streams may. plenty of snow in the high country. the latest forecast maybe is underdone. latest forecast says one to three feet. i think that could easily be 2 to 5 feet through friday and more to come over the weekend too. temperatures expected to be in the 60s for highs today. the rain will be picking up in the latter part of the day and then here we go overnight tonight into tomorrow. heavy rain, storms. the possibility of thunderstorms in the middle of this. finally catching a break next monday elizabeth. >> i know. it's going to be interesting tomorrow morning for the drive. so use mass transit. outside right now we actually have some developing traffic news. big delays already in oakland because of this.
6:49 am
chopper 5 is overhead a stalled big rig and it looks like they get tow crews that just arrived. the stalled big rig is still blocking one lane northbound 880 approaching fruitvale and as chopper continues to zoom back you can see all the brake lights behind it. so it's not incoming and outgoing an accident. it's just a stall and it's causing big delays jammed up as far as the oakland coliseum. southbound 880 now looks okay. so chopper 5 has been busy this morning. earlier they were in san leandro. look at this video. a truck hit some parked cars overnight in this car lot did some damage to about 9 cars right there at that united auto center. they are still trying to clear up the mess at east 14th and 162nd avenue. that truck spilled diesel fuel into the road so that's what's taking a while to clean up. fire crews, tow crews are out there now. in the meantime, you can get by on east 14th, one lane is blocked off. to our maps and other live traffic cameras. here's the san mateo bridge. gosh, we saw huge delays with
6:50 am
all the wind and the rain yesterday across the san mateo bridge. things are flowing nicely this morning which is great news. 14 minutes out of hayward towards foster city. if your commute takes you around san francisco the great highway is closed from lincoln out towards sloat boulevard. hi, lawrence. he wants to make an on-camera appearance. lincoln to sloat boulevard because of the storm that moved yesterday that did some sand removal so again that's in san francisco. mass transit great option today, probably an even better option with tomorrow's storm. but for now everything mass transit-related is reporting no delays. that is a check of traffic and weather together. back to you guys. >> thank you. a new report shows u.s. prisons could safely house guantanomo bay prisoners. that word comes after a four- year study by the government accountability office. u.s. prisons already hold hundreds of inmates convicted of terrorism and according to for dianne feinstein, head of the senate intelligence
6:51 am
committee, there haven't been any security problems with the inmates. closing the guantanomo bay prison would save the u.s. an estimated $114 million a year. 6:51. some new jobless claims are down as the impact of superstorm sandy fades away. here now to chat about that and more, jason brooks with kcbs and good morning. >> reporter: some decent news on the economy out there. the labor department reporting that first time weekly claims fell 23,000 to 393,000 and for the first time in several weeks, superstorm sandy not distorting figures. now the overall trend is still distorted. the four-week average rose to 450,000. and another look at the economy, come from the commerce department its second look at 3rd quarter gross domestic product overall economic growth revising it higher to 2.7% from an earlier estimate of 2% also compared to 1.3% in the 2nd quarter. now, the 4th quarter is likely to be impacted by sandy and also from "fiscal cliff"
6:52 am
worries. as far as the "fiscal cliff" goes, politico is reporting this morning that there is a framework for a deal in place that would include $1.2 trillion in tax increases and $400 billion in entitlement cuts on medicare. wall street watching that closely. let's look at the numbers. the dow is up by 45 points after gaining more than 100 yesterday. it's back over 13,000. nasdaq higher by 19. s&p right now is up by 6 points. back to you. >> thank you, jason brooks with kcbs and well, starbucks is rolled out its most expensive coffee ever and it's a doozy. the new brew made from very rare costa rica beans called finca palmilera just rolls off the tongue, retails for $7 a cup! that's for a grande. for $6 you can get the tall. right now the big ticket brew is only available at a few dozen stores in the pacific
6:53 am
northwest. starbucks plans to take it nationwide by the end of the year. it better be the only one you need all week. seven bucks! lindsay lohan mobbed again by the paparazzi and for all the wrong reasons. the liz and dick star wore a black jacket over her head as new york police escorted her out of jail about an hour ago. she is charged with allegedly slapping another woman's face at a nightclub. lohan is on probation for taking a necklace from a jewelry store without permission. so more trouble for that star. >> she might need a cup of finca palmilera. >> maybe. time now 6:53. coming up a check of your top stories. >> plus, she is america's golden girl. how you can win a date with this woman right here. the great betty white when we come back. search ,,,,
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the search is on for suspecd intruder in downtown palo a. are still on sc time now is 6:57. checking this morning's top stories. the search is on for a suspected intruder in downtown palo alto. police are still on the scene of the apartment complex where the masked man woke up one of the residents. let's take a live look at the scene right now. this is at high and hawthorne. you can see that the police are still out there and that crime scene tape is still up. now, police say the young woman say the man woke her up and he ran away when she screamed. they are trying to piece together a suspect description. firefighters in south san jose this morning put out a one- alarm fire at a house that may have housed a legal pot grow facility. a san jose fire dispatcher says the fire on menlo drive near almaden expressway and camden avenue was called in around 2:00. there are unconfirmed reports that the home houses that legal marijuana growing operation. a police spokesman has yet to return our calls.
6:58 am
crews in daly city are using the break between storms to keep working on the area hit by a massive landslide two weeks ago. it happened after a pipe from the 1930s broke. the hillside will have to be stabilized before the pipe can be fixed. crews are still trying to clean it up. >> they have been there for weeks. of course our other big story is the weather. we are getting a break right no but we have a doozy heading our way. >> a real soaker around the bay area. we are catching a break. hi-def doppler has been showing scattered light showers mainly north of the golden gate bridge. that storm a very slow-moving storm and that's the big concern. it's going to be pushing down later today then overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. temperatures only in the 60s for highs today. watch out for flooding in local creeks and streams. >> okay. really quickly we'll go out towards chopper 5. we still have a stalled big rig blocking a lane of northbound 880 approaching fruitvale. and unfortunately, it is just making a mess of the morning commute right now through oakland. it is jamming up beyond oakland
6:59 am
coliseum and oakland airport in those northbound lanes. so look at that it's been out there since about 6:15 this morning. and it's still not clear. that's near the oakland coliseum. you can see the backup extends for a while. >> well, have you ever wanted to sit down with america's favorite golden girl. >> why not? here's your chance. betty white is auctioning herself off on ebay. you and three friends can join the legendary actress for dinner in l.a. betty runs from the proceeds benefit an animal rescue the group. captions by: caption colorado


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